Lisp, again

Wednesday, 02 September 2009 08:00 Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
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Since Neuros OSD2 hacking has been abandoned and also because my ham radio interests are currently in hibernation and also since my family is away for a while, I decided to take up some self learning. I have decided to re-start my lisp studies. The goal is to reach a stage where I can write non-trivial programs with lisp. To achieve this purpose, I have choosen the following path:

I am making good progress with Practical Common Lisp. Though there is an online version, I decided to buy a dead-tree version. I am finding that Common Lisp is one of the best language for a C programmer like me to learn, instead of Scheme. Scheme syntax and CL syntax has got some subtle differences.

It would take me many months to continue this process. But I have decided not to get distracted with other things during this study. I also have afew projects in mind which I can use Common Lisp for. I am not sure, whether I can go anywhere near the effort that this guy undertook. But even if it is a bit of what he did, it is going to be very beneficial.

Also, if anyone would like to take this undertaking and would like to form a study group (in Bangalore), let me know, we can chart out a plan to meetup regularly and spend time on the lisp study.

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