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This Week in Amateur Radio #833 - Week of March 28, 2009

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Stories covered and special features in This Weeks edition: 01. The FCC clarifies what constitutes an amateur radio repeater. 02. The FCC proposes to permit medical devices on the 70cm amateur band. 03. Congressional leaders order a "Spectrum Inventory" from the FCC. 04. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein announces he is leaving the agency. 05. Comedy Central comedian Steven Colbert wins NASA ISS naming contest. 06. Indianapolis Police Department members take amateur radio exams. 07. The FCC denies a petition to increase the size of the question pool. 08. The FCC rules that amateurs do not have to display licenses in shack. 09. Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, announces his resignation from AMSAT. 10. World amateur radio and technology news round-up AUSTRALIA.........ATV GOING DIGITAL DOWN UNDER CANADA............AMATEUR RADIO DIRECTION FINDING COORDINATOR SOUGHT UNITED KINGDOM....DELIBERATE INTERFERENCE TO INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION 11. Hams provide emergency communications for North Dakota Red River floods. 12. The ARRL 2009 Field Day web page is up and running. 13. Shortwave broadcasters are leaving the amateur 7 megahertz band. 14. Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte. 15. The Random Access Thought with Bill Baran, N2FNH. "CQ Mars by W2XOY" 16. Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO. 17. Weekly propagation forecast report with Geremy Boot, G4NJH. 18. Burghardt announces it is leaving the amateur radio business. 19. TWiAR QSL Cards are now available! Write in for yours today. 20. The FCC issues a vanity call sign two years after the original holder dies. except he's not dead, he was just resting. This Week in Amateur Radio" is a weekly amateur radio audio, on the air, news magazine/bulletin service, produced by a lot of dedicated volunteers, by Community Video Associates, Inc., a New York State not-for-profit corporation. The mailing address for our support fund is: This Week in Amateur Radio Support Fund P.O. Box 30 Sand Lake, New York 12153

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