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This Week in Amateur Radio #822 - Week of January 10, 2009

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Stories covered and special features in This Weeks edition: 01. 6.2 Earthquake strikes Costa Rica, emergency amateur frequency declared. 02. A Florida amateur is murdered allegedly by his own son. 03. The FCC Commissioners - - Now There Are Four. 04. The DXpedition to Desecheo Island gets ready to rock and roll. 05. An amateur radio satellite is planned to orbit planet Venus. 06. Hamas accuses Isreal of interrupting its radio broadcasts in Gaza. 07. A Pro-Tamil radio station is attacked in Sri-Lanka. 08. The DXpedition to Sable Island has been post-poned. 09. There is a new TV remote control that will run forever on a single cell. 10. Los Angeles County is granted a waiver by the FCC to build a new interoperable emergency communications system on television channel 15. 11. A look at the current state of the US Digital Television Transition. 12. A ham makes a 1.5 watt transmitter from an old CFL lightbulb. 13. Heavy Metal is coming to the ham bands. 14. The Radio Amateurs of Canada assigns special prefixes. 15. Courage Handi-Ham Center Update with Pat Tice WA0TDA. 16. Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO. 17. Special event station listings. 18. Weekly propagation forecast 19. The Random Access Thought with Bill Baran, N2FNH. "Kids Day" 20. TWIAR 2009 QSL Cards are now available! Write in for yours today! 21. The Ancient Amateur Archives with Bill Continelli, W2XOY. 22. TWIAR Staff Blogs are now on-line. Go read them. 23. Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte. 24. The ARRL Board of Directors will meet in Windsor, Conneticut next week. 25. Nominations are now open for the various Dayton HamVention Awards. 26. Applications are now being accepted for FAR (Foundation for Amateur Radio) Scholarships. 27. NASA is now reviving old tapes with digital lunar photos from the 1960's. 28. Ireland tests a new national Emergency Alert System. 29. A look at the National Novice Society. 30. 2008 goes in the record books as an almost sunpot free year. 31. One mode down - Two to go! The ARRL Triple Play Award is a big success. 32. A new totally silent radio station launches on the internet. 33. Scientists discover a new unknown source of radio signals coming from "Out There".

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