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This Week in Amateur Radio #820 - Week of December 27, 2008

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Stories covered and special features in This Weeks edition: 01. Hams provide communications as 911 service goes off line in Oregon ice and snow storms. 02. Hams are the eyes for the Nevada National Weather Service as high winds damage local doppler radar systems. 03. Wireless PC headphones with talk-back channel interfere with two meters. System uses 147.00 as talk back channel. 04. The FCC approves a translator Digital Television Signal "Fill-In" service. 05. The FCC calls on the amateur radio community to assist with the transition to digital television by educating the public. 06. The FCC approves the analog night light/digital television transition bill. 07. Hams participate in the 2008 Santa Patrol in Warner Robins Georgia. 08. Fox Television Network plans all High Def distribution by 2010. 09. Jean Shepherd (K2ORS-SK) Christmas Ham Radio Story. 10. The Random Access Thought with Bill Baran, N2FNH "The Internet Tubes" 11. TWIAR QSL Cards are now available for 2009! Write in for yours today! 12. Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige KK5DO. 13. New York City Hall of Science Museum orders its club amateur radio station to vacant the premises. 14. Yet another D-STAR repeater takes to the air in Europe. This time: London. 15. Mt.Athos group needs help in convincing authorities to let it keep SY suffix to prevent DXCC confusion. 16. NASA satellite confirms that earths magnetic field is cracked. 17. World amateur radio and technology news round-up. 18. New Year 2009 to be delayed by insertion of another leap second. 19. FEMA announces IPAWS contractor search for new Emergency communications system nation wide. 20. Democrats in Congress may seek an expanded version of The Fairness Doctrine. 21. New LED lighting systems to safe trillions of dollars on electricity use. 22. NASA announces next Mars mission to be delayed by two years. 23. WiMAX + C-Band Satellite Downlinks = Interference. Witness KYW-TV. 24. CNN retires its seven year old news ticker. 25. Special Event Station Listings 26. The Gateway 160 Meter Net Report with Vern Jackson WA0RCR. 27. Weekly propagation forecast 28. You might be addicted to ham radio if.....

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