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This Week in Amateur Radio #811 - Week of October 25, 2008

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Stories covered and special features in This Weeks edition: 01. The FCC amends WE2XRH experimental digital broadcasting license to exclude the amateur 40 meter band. 02. A California jury finds Skylar Deleon guilty of the murder of a ham radio couple at sea. 03. The next round of PAVE-PAWS radar interference mitigation begins. 04. Change the clocks. Back one hour next weekend. 05. The Expedition 17 crew returns to earth with Richard Garriot, W5KWQ. Expedition 18 takes over the space station. 06. Members of Congress push for all digital radio broadcasting. 07. Broadcasters file emergency objection with the FCC regarding the proposal to allow unlicensed devices in "white spaces". 08. The South Carolina prison system wants to install cell phone jammers. 09. The ARRL Doctor answers a question from his mailbag on TWIAR. 10. The FCC proposes yet another inter-operable national radio system. 11. Mike Dorrough lends his voice in saving a VOA transmitter site in Calif. 12. The ARRL announces a new youth editor. 13. ARRL hosts a special classroom event for USTTI students from around the world. 14. World Radio and Technology News Round-Up SOUTH AFRICA..........OCTOBER EXAM HITS CLOSE TO RECORD APPLICANTS IRAN..................IRAN OPENS 4TH TALLEST RADIO TOWER BELGIUM...............HIGH VOLUME ON MP3 PLAYERS CAN CAUSE HEARING LOSS GERMANY...............LOOKING FOR HORKHEIMER 2009 15. A new California law may enhance Emergency Communications in that state. 16. The FCC fines BK Towers for not monitoring tower lighting. 17. The FTC busts a world-wide SPAM e-mail ring. 18. The FCC plans a nationwide free internet network for low income families. 19. Radio signals guide the Rosetta Stone probe past an asteroid. 20. Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte. 21. The Random Access Thought with Bill Baran, N2FNH. "Ouija" 22. The Ancient Amateur Archives with Bill Continelli, W2XOY. (02R) 23. TWIAR Staff Blogs are now on-line. Visit them today. Or else. 24. Courage Handi-Ham System Update with Pat Tice, WA0TDA. 25. TWIAR QSL Cards are now available for something as easy as an e-mail. 26. Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO. 27. Special Event Station Listings. 28. The Pension Protection Act streamlines charitable donations from IRA's says the ARRL. 29. The Gateway 160 Meter Net Report with Vern Jackson, WA0RCR. 30. The ARRL 500kHz experimental station, WD2XSH, wants to hear from you. 31. TAPR announces a new software defined radio board. 32. An amateur radio club in Idaho fills a wilderness gap with RF. 33. India plans to launch its own un-manned moon mission. 34. Scientists discover that un-rolling Scotch Tape produces X-Rays!

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