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1. Lenovo G560 Notebook Available Now
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The recently announced Lenovo G560 15. 6-inch Essential G Series notebook is available now. The offered G560 model (06792AU, Black) comes with the Intel Core i3-330M processor at 2. Read more: ...
Thursday, 28 January 2010
NewsFactor - Lenovo is previewing a new type of hybrid PC at the Consumer Electronics Show this week featuring laptop and tablet capabilities. Called the IdeaPad U1, the hybrid device has a base that functions ...
Thursday, 07 January 2010
3. Intel Atom N470 Netbook CPU Coming Soon
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Besides the Atom N450, Intel will launch soon the Atom N470 netbook processor. The 1. 83GHz Intel Atom N470 is listed in the specifications of the upcoming Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 netbook, scheduled for release ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
4. Lenovo Introduces Skylight Smartbook
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo introduced today the Skylight smartbook, a laptop-like mobile consumer device that fills the gap between the smartphones and netbooks. The sleek and slim 2-pound Skylight smartbook features a 10-inch ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
Lenovo announced today the new IdeaPad laptops: the S10-3t (tablet) and S10-3 netbooks, the multimedia-oriented Y460 and Y560, the G460 and G560 value-line series, and V460 and V360 for the SOHO market.  ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
6. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Laptop/Tablet Announced
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo today announced the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, an innovative notebook that has a removable multi-touch display which can be used as a standalone tablet computer. Read more: New from Electronics ...
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
7. Lenovo ThinkPad T510 Overview
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo today announced the new ThinkPad laptops, including the mainstream 15-inch ThinkPad T510. The leaked specifications reveal that the Lenovo ThinkPad T510, as same as the 14 T410, features the Intel ...
Monday, 04 January 2010
8. Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Overview
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo today released the latest Intel Core i5/i7-based ThinkPad notebook series, including the 14-inch ThinkPad T410. According to the leaked specifications, the Lenovo ThinkPad T410, as well as the 15-inch ...
Monday, 04 January 2010
Lenovo today announced four new ThinkPad laptops ? the thin-and-light T410s, the T410 and T510 mainstream systems, and the W510 mobile workstation. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline  ...
Monday, 04 January 2010
10. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Series Launched
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo launched today the ThinkPad Edge, a new affordable laptop series for small business users. The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge lineup includes AMD-powered 13-inch, and Intel-based 14, and 15-inch models.  ...
Monday, 04 January 2010
11. Atom N450 Netbooks Will Launch Jan. 11 2010
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
A date has been set! On January 11, 2010 the world of netbooks will finally move beyond the now venerable Atom N270 processor. According to Digitimes, Asustek, Acer, Lenovo, and MSI have all agreed to ...
Friday, 04 December 2009
According the reports, the notebooks by Lenovo, Dell, and HP coming equipped with Intels upcoming 32 nm Arrandale CPUs will have SDXC memory card readers. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline ...
Wednesday, 02 December 2009
13. Lenovo ThinkPad Netbook: Out January 5?
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
All those rumors about a Lenovo ThinkPad netbook just got a little more credence. ThinkPadToday appears to have received confirmation from someone that the first ThinkPad netbook, which will be called ...
Saturday, 07 November 2009
14. Is A Lenovo ThinkPad Netbook On The Way?
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Well well, it looks like some tigers do change their stripes. A recent series of leaked photos (via Engadget) has the tech world thinking that a Lenovo ThinkPad netbook might be in the offing.  ...
Tuesday, 03 November 2009
Lenovo announced yesterday in the USA, its latest ThinkCenter A70z, an all-in-one business PC. Slightly different from its consumer version the B500, the A70z is however a fully capable PC featuring a ...
Monday, 02 November 2009
16. Lenovo IdeaPad S12 with NVIDIA Ion Now Available
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 netbook models with the NVIDIA Ion multimedia-oriented platform are now available for purchase. The Ion-based IdeaPad S12 features a 12. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline ...
Monday, 02 November 2009
17. Hot Lenovo ThinkCentre All-In-One PC Gets Pictured
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
To know what companies release next you need to monitor all kinds of channels. Since a while I have the Lenovo Flickr account in my Update Scanner app on Firefox. Read more: New from Electronics ...
Wednesday, 28 October 2009
18. Lenovo ThinkPad SL410, SL510 Now Available
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo has announced immediate availability of the 14-inch ThinkPad SL410 and 15. 6-inch ThinkPad SL510 laptops, featuring Intels processors, Windows 7 operating system, and a slightly changed chassis ...
Thursday, 22 October 2009
19. Lenovo IdeaPad U550 Launched
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
Lenovo has launched the IdeaPad U550 15. 6-inch thin-and-light laptop, based on Intels ultra-low voltage processor and Windows 7 operating system. Read more: New from Electronics Infoline  ...
Wednesday, 21 October 2009
20. Netbooks with Windows 7 Available For Pre-Order
(DIY Schematics/DIY Schematics)
The first netbooks with Windows 7 operating system are now available for preorder in the US. Around 70 Windows 7 Starter Edition-based netbooks by Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung and ...
Monday, 19 October 2009
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