WICEN -- Victorian Bushfire Update:

Monday, 16 February 2009 18:11 eHAM.net
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WICEN Victoria is maintaining a daily net on 3.600 MHz at 1000 hours and 2130 hours EADST until further notice. Also this frequency is monitored from 0800 hours until 2200 hours for urgent traffic to or from field operators. This is a designated WICEN emergency frequency, and may be operational as the need arises on a 24 / 7 basis. Where possible, Amateur Radio operators not involved with the fires and WICEN, are requested to keep 3.600 MHz clear at all times, and maintain a listening watch only. Please do not call in to the net unless you have specific traffic associated with the net. If you have a need to use this frequency, please do so briefly, make your call, then QSY to another frequency as soon as possible. This is to keep operators in the field updated with news and information as the fires situation develops. Fires are still burning on several fronts, and more loss of life and structural damage is apparent. WICEN is expected to be operational in the fires area for some considerable time.

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