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Severe Weather Ready:

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If something wicked this way is gonna come, St. Clements officials should be aware of it sooner. About 12 St. Clements residents and municipal personnel joined 29 amateur radio officers to participate in the Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network (CANWARN) spotter training program, held May 9 at the East Selkirk Recreation Centre. The training program, sponsored by Manitoba's Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) in conjunction with Environment Canada, seeks to train individuals how to observe and report severe weather indicators in their area. "We train personnel how to report specific severe weather indicators that they may spot as they go about their normal daily events," said ARES emergency coordinator Jeff Dovyak. "It provides weather forecasters with the ground truth as to what is really going on." Dovyak explains the goal of the program is to use a large net operation of spotters across the province that report via telephone or radio to a prairie and arctic storm prediction centre in Winnipeg, that will hopefully result in faster, more accurate severe weather warnings. "It's designed to give more timely warnings to the public," said Dovyak. "The sooner we're able to issue a severe warning, the more time people have to take additional precautions."

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