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Crescenta Valley club has a Field Day recruiting new hams for communication. In the wake of a massive emergency and communications breakdown, when land, mobile and satellite phones become inoperable, ham radio could be the only means of communication, operators said. Following the Northridge earthquake, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, thousands of amateur radio operators, virtually all of them unpaid, hunkered down and assisted in relief efforts, said Mark Gershen, whose calls sign is KF6YAN. "Ham radio is the only fail-safe means of communication," said Gershen, president of the Crescenta Valley Radio Club. The club wrapped up Amateur Radio Week with the annual Field Day, a 24-hour event that began Saturday morning at Deukmejian Wilderness Park. They joined more than 30,000 amateur radio operators in North America who spent the weekend demonstrating their abilities and recruiting new hams. Part emergency exercise, part public-awareness campaign, operators across the country competed, with points awarded for the numbers of contacts made.

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