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Ham Radio Operators Not Yielding to Future:

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Chuck Ward likes to dial his technology down a notch. He's a ham radio guy. And this is the time of year when Ward is in hog heaven as he and the Cape Fear Amateur Radio Society compete in national Field Day. The 61-year-old Morse code expert was among the 25 radio operators who gathered at Methodist University on Saturday and Sunday for the 24-hour event. "Cell phones, the Internet, computers are OK. It's that time of change in the world." Ward said Sunday. "This is just an old skill I want to keep alive." The object of the competition was to communicate with as many other ham radio operators throughout the U.S., trading signals reports and location information. Conversations were kept brief, be it through pecking out Morse codes or talking. "It's like any other hobby," said Ward, past president of the local club, "This hobby is technical and very challenging."

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