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Ham Radio Fans 'Tune In To Perham' for Regional Meeting:

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HAM radio operators from throughout the region will be converging on Perham Sept. 19. The group is meeting at the Cactus, about 10-11 a.m., with a lunch at about noon. "HAM radio operators from all over the upper Midwest will be attending, some will be coming a day early, and some may stay a day after," said Bud Stephens, a local radio enthusiast. "It has been a great way to promote Perham and the wonderful things to see here, like the Vet's museum, and so much more." The PICO Net stands for Public Interest and Convenience, or necessity. It started back in the 1950's or 60's. It is a daily gathering of radio operators around the upper Midwest. Before cell phones, HAM radio operators would make phone patches into areas for family and friends to stay in touch. Before e-mail, they sent radio grams or messages via radio. Some of this still happens, said Stephens.

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