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Amateur Radio Enthusiast Spins Old Time Country:

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In Noggin Cove, Cyril Gillingham said there are many older folks who love to hear old time country music - the sort of sounds they used to hear growing up in the community. It's a style largely ignored by most commercial stations, who now have playlists dominated by the likes of Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, and Taylor Swift. Now, Mr. Gillingham is trying to fill that old school country void through a hobby he's put a lot of passion into. With a modest amount of equipment, Mr. Gillingham is operating an amateur radio station out of his attic in Noggin Cove. "I was always into old country music," said the retired fishermen, sitting in an attic filled with CDs and musical instruments. "I got myself a little transmitter, and I had the other equipment from DJing dances, so I got a little five-watt transmitter and went from there." Radio was a big part of his youth growing up in Noggin Cove. His father owned the second battery-operated radio in town when Mr. Gillingham was a young boy. "We didn't have television in Noggin Cove until 1962, and so all the baby boomers and older folks grew up with radio," he said. As a family, they would listen intently to the Gerald S. Doyle News, Saturday night hockey games, and broadcasts of country music, sometimes coming live from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. "From the time I was a very small boy, I was fascinated with radio. Television doesn't do anything for me." His operation is a shortwave one, not wanting to become a station in need of a license from the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission. "I want to stay inside the rules and regulations of ham radio," said Mr. Gillingham.

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