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Amateur Radio Club Members Enjoy Worldwide Communication:

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THE VILLAGES -- For those who enjoy amateur radio, or "ham radio" as it is commonly known, the hobby is about a lot more than just talking to someone through a microphone. Some like to communicate with people all over the world, others enjoy working in Morse Code, and for The Villages Amateur Radio Club vice president and events coordinator, Dennis Hardoin, the appeal comes from building his own equipment. "It's different for everybody," the Village of Amelia resident said. "There's so many different facets to ham radio. One of the things I enjoy is building. I like to make everything." The club serves as an outlet for Villagers interested in amateur radio, whether they are just starting out or are long-time ham radio enthusiasts. In addition to meetings where people can learn more about amateur radio, the club also offers classes and help for those who wish to get licensed. "It's for everybody," Hardoin said. "This is our true love."

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