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31. The Week on the Radio:
Author : eHAM.net
The Week on the Radio:Read more: eHam.net News
04/02/2010 | 1241 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

32. Former ARRL President Named QCWA President Emeritus:
Author : eHAM.net
Harry Dannals, W2HD -- who led the ARRL as President from 1972-1982 and was named ARRL President Emeritus in 1984 -- has been named President Emeritus of the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA).Read more: eHam.net News
04/02/2010 | 1187 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

33. FCC Notes Amateur Radio Response to Haitian Earthquake:
Author : eHAM.net
In a posting on January 28 to the FCC's blog, Mindel DeLaTorre -- the Commission's International Bureau Chief -- noted how Amateur Radio operators are assisting with communications support in earthquake ravaged Haiti. "The amateur radio community is...
04/02/2010 | 1269 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

34. Amateurlogic Episode 26 Released:
Author : eHAM.net
In this first episode of the year, George shows us how to use the Kenwood TS-2000 as a Software Defined Radio with Winrad. Peter experiments with the WSPR Weak Signal mode. And Tommy teaches us how to easily create Time Lapse Videos. Plus plenty of...
04/02/2010 | 1589 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

35. SKorean, US firms embroiled in chip espionage case (AP)
Author : Yahoo.com
AP - The world's top producers of computer memory chips are embroiled in an apparent case of industrial espionage after South Korean prosecutors indicted 18 people over alleged technology theft. Read more: Yahoo! News: Technology News
04/02/2010 | 1186 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

36. Is blogging a slog? Some young people think so (AP)
Author : Yahoo.com
AP - Could it be that blogs have become online fodder for the — gasp! — more mature reader? Read more: Yahoo! News: Technology News
03/02/2010 | 1426 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email

37. Microphone No Different Than Cell Phone:
Author : eHAM.net
CB and HAM radio users must conform to new legislation: KAWARTHA LAKES - Local police are advising amateur CB and ham radio users to adhere to the new driver distraction legislation, saying a microphone is no different than a cellphone. However, the...
03/02/2010 | 1688 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

38. ARNewsline #1694 -- January 29 2010:
Author : eHAM.net
The following is a Q-S-T. Hams in Hawaii gear up to back a law that will insure their right to operate mobile, earthquake relief efforts in Haiti switch from HF to VHF, the ARRL Board discuses a lot of rescue radio and accolades from the QCWA to a...
03/02/2010 | 1219 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

39. MARS Unifies Operation in Support of Haiti Relief Effort
Author : ARRL
To assist the MARS communications support effort in Haiti, the heads of the Army, Air Force, and Navy-Marine Corps MARS programs have agreed to divvy up responsibilities among the three Service MARS programs. According to Air Force MARS Public...
03/02/2010 | 2076 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

40. Ham Radio Included in Official Emergency Preparations:
Author : eHAM.net
Local low-frequency operators get space in county's emergency dispatch center: MEDFORD : After an earthquake rocked Haiti to its foundation in January, only amateur radio operators were left to relay vital messages in the immediate aftermath to...
02/02/2010 | 1416 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...


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