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1. ZL7 Chatham Island
Author : www.southgatearc.org
A team of nine ZL operators will be activating Chatham Island in March 2009. Chatham Island is located about 550 Km east of New Zealand about 3 hours by air. Although ZL7 is not particularly rare, it is in the top 100 at 87 needed for DXCC and still...
09/02/2009 | 902 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email | Read more...

2. ZS8T Marion Island · Bogus spots
Author : www.southgatearc.org
Rhynhardt Louw, ZS6DXB, the ZS8T Press Officer, reports that all dx posts posted on February 2 are 100% bogusRead more: Southgate Amateur Radio Club RSS Feed
05/02/2009 | 618 Hits | (0 vote) | Print | PDF | Email


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