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Yaesu VX-6R Quick Reference Operating Guide Combination - 20.85 USD

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N6FNsYAESU VX-6R Nifty! Mini-Manual and Reference Card combination The very best VX-6R Operating Reference available! These are the same excellent guides advertised in QST, CQ and World Radio Magazines. A full featured spiral-bound Short-form Mini- manual, plusa Quick Reference Card for your wallet Detailed set-up and operating instructions for all modes of operation. Includes reference information for Knobs, Buttons and all Set-up Menus. Indexed and organized for Quick Access by mode of operation. Explicit and easy to follow instructions. Just follow the numbered steps to set-up your radio. Smaller, Faster and Easier to use than a normal manual. The Mini-Manual is 16 informative pages laminated and bound for durability. Mini-Manual includes useful hints not found in the user manual. The 4x8 inch Mini-Manual easily fits in a cars glove box or door map pocket The Quick Reference Card is designed to be carried in your wallet. The Mini-Manual and Quick Reference Cards are excellent Memory Joggers Both are indispensable aids for setting up your VX-6R transceiver. The Mini-Manual and Quick Reference Card come as a set. The finest VX-6R Short-form Manual and Reference Card available Both

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