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Icom CT17 CI-V CAT Interface cables. Used by and recommended by the developers of Ham Radio Deluxe - 6.99 USD

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Icom CT17 CI-V Interface as recommended by the developers of Ham Radio Deluxe. CAT CI-V Interface Level convertor for PC Software control and memory programming of your radio. Surface mounted level convertor built into the connector. Works with ALL popular CAT software at all baud rates. Works with ALL PCs Laptops, with a comport and ALL operating systems. Including;- Ham Radio Deluxe (of course), MixW, N1MM, TRX Manager, Logger32, Commander and ALL other popular Icom CAT software that we are aware of. You should ensure that the software you wish to use supports your radio Suitable for ALL of the following radios;- IC-78 IC-275 IC-375 IC-475 IC-575 IC-703 IC-706 IC-706mk2 IC-706mk2g IC-707 IC-718 IC-725 IC-726 IC-728 IC-729 IC-735 IC-736 IC-737 IC-738 IC-746 IC-746pro IC-756 IC-756pro IC756proII IC-756proIII IC-761 IC-765 IC-775 IC-781 IC-820 IC-821 IC-910 IC-970 IC-1275 IC-7000 IC-7400 IC-7800 IC-9000L IC-R10 IC-R72 IC-R75 IC-R7000 IC-R7100 IC-R8500 Will also program the above radios memories via the radios CI-V/CAT system using appropriate software. Will also work with those Ten Tecs that use the 3.5mm jack socket for CAT control. Will function with stepIRs, amps etc. Many other

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