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DX News -- ARRL DX Bulletin #50:

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This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by NC1L, VE8EV, the OPDX Bulletin, DXNL, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all.

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Acer Aspire Timeline Notebook unveiled

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Acer unveiled the new Acer Aspire Timeline notebook line that is specifically designed for longer battery life by maintaining a slim size. The Aspire Timeline notebooks come with the Acer Smart Power key, the gateway to power on-demand.

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Motorola Morrison Running Android Sighted.

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The Motorola Morrison has been a rumored T-Mobile Android headset for a while now. Now we have what looks like confirmation of those rumors. Leaked pictures of a Motorola employees Morrison handset have hit the Internet.

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Joby Gorillamobile Tripod for Mobile Phones unveiled

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Joby is known for their flexible Gorillapod tripods for cameras. Now Joby unveiled a Gorilllapod designed for mobile devices dubbed Gorillamobile. The Gorillamobile is ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, GPS units, mini video cameras, pocket projectors and almost any other mobile device a you might want to utilize in a hands-free manner.

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Pine Trail Samsung N220 Netbook Spotted

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If youre a Pine Trail netbook, no where is safe to hide from eager tech bloggers. The Samsung N220 thought it could lay low in France, but its been spotted by Netbook 3G and Netbooked.

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Avago APDS-9800 integrated sensor module helps to conserve power and extend battery life in mobile phones

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Avago today announced a new ambient light and proximity sensor that has been integrated into an ultra-thin module for use in mobile phones. Avagos compact APDS-9800 integrated sensor module is designed to help conserve power and extend battery life in mobile phones and is easy to install.

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iPhone prototype surfaces on eBay, aims to fetch a pretty penny

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Okay, so well go ahead and crush a few dreams up front -- theres nothing here that proves this isnt some funky KIRF iPhone or just an ad hoc or jailbroken app making things look completely funkadelic.

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Good News D-Star Story from Port Lincoln:

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While the loss of our clubrooms and equipment is sad, it does pale into insignificance when you compare it to the loss of 12 family homes two days before Christmas. We have received many emails with offers of equipment and money. Our next meeting is on Jan 6th, we will then be discussing what direction we will be going and what our equipment needs might be. We are a small club and our needs are minor, I will be contacting the people who have emailed with offers of support after the club meeting. But there is one story from the fire that promotes D-Star which I though I would share.

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T-Mobiles 2009 3G rollout schedule leaked?

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It hasnt been verified, but optimistic T-Mobile customers aching to get a little broadband on the beach might want to schedule their trips to Honolulu around Q4 -- at least if youre willing to believe this 3G rollout schedule thats apparently being sent out this morning.

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Kyocera TASKalfa 552ci scans 100 images per minute

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The TASKalfa 552ci adds a new level of speed to Kyoceras color multifunction products. With a print and copy speed of 55 A4 pages per minute (ppm) in mono and 50 ppm in full color the TASKalfa 552ci will enhance the productivity of any print environment.

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Few days left to book Gauteng and Cape PIC Programming Courses

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There are still vacancies on the Gauteng and Cape PIC programming courses. The National Amateur Radio Centre can still accommodate nine participants

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GigaPan Epic imager released, your party photos will never be the same

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You may have heard about that absolutely giant (1,474 megapixel) photo taken of the Inauguration using a Canon G10 and a GigaPan Imager. Well, today the companys launched the GigaPan Epic for commercial sale.

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Freecoms ToughDrive Sport external HDD is tough, also a drive

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Okay Mr. (or Mrs. ) Fumblefingers, youve got your Toughbook for high-impact computing on the go, but when you just need to take that presentation into the office and you dont want to lug your bombproof notebook with you its time for a rugged external HDD, and Freecoms ToughDrive Sport is the latest.

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HP LP2275W - 22in widescreen LCD

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Monitor manufacturers are starting to listen to customers - we want some much-needed choice in the 22-inch market. The HP LP2275W is another 22-incher equipped with Samsung's latest S-PVA panel technology - is this the monitor we've dearly been waiting for?

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Asus 1005HA XP And Windows 7 Netbooks Dominate Amazon Netbook Sales Chart

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Before the Windows 7 launch the Asus 1005HA with Windows XP already led the netbook sales charts on Amazon. After the launch a couple new Windows 7 netbook came close or even lead for a while the charts.

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Suima Robotic Crib Takes Care Of Your Kids

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Most of the world may not quite be ready to give up their infants to soulless robots, but Japan has no problem with it. And why should they? The Suima robotic crib lets you have your cake and eat it too, promising both you and your baby a full nights sleep.

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Hitachi Releases CP-D10 Projector in Australia

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Hitachi is releasing a new projector into Australia, the CP-D10. This projector features 2000 ANSI lumens, 400:1 contrast ratio, and a native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution.

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New Zealand Prime Minister to Speak to the ISS:

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On Wed, 25 Feb at 07:31 UTC, 6:31 pm EAST students from The Chatham Public School will be speaking to Commander Mike Fincke on the ISS. The venue for the contact will be the studios of Radio 2RE in Taree. Craig VK4SSB who is employed by Radio 2RE applied to ARISS on behalf of the Chatham School some 2 years ago for this linkup with the ISS to be held at the 2RE studios.

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It is a very small portable character projector, based on inexpensive laser diodes, projecting a single line of text onto nearby walls and tables. It might be useful for projecting text from portable and wearable devices like cellhones and PocketPCs that will be connected, e.g., via wireless serial connection.

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Excerpt From The Article By:  Mario Dianora, N2AK This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it January 09, 2009

Do you have any old equipment from the bygone days of radio? Are you a homebrewer who likes to make nifty low power (QRP) radios or replicas of old rigs?

Well the good news is that you can put those pieces on the air in an operating event that will make you feel like you are in another era. That event is called Classic Exchange (CX) and it is held twice a year.

The purpose of CX as described in their newsletter is to “Encourage restoration, operation and enjoyment of older commercial and homebrew ham gear.”

Some years ago, I heard stations on 40 meter CW calling “CQ CX.” After some research, I discovered that this was a contest for vintage and homebrew gear. It sounded like a great way to get some use from the old rigs I had in my basement. Since then, I have rediscovered the magic of radio and await the next CX event for more of it.

Read the full article here.

Got any homebrew or vintage gear? Tell us about it.


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DIY: Fixing Your 1TB Seagates BSY Status

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Im you all heard about the recent mess that locked up many Seagate HDDs and renderd them completely useless More information here on The Inquirer For many this problem resulted in returning the HDD to Seagate and losing their data.

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