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Welcome to Ham Radio Data Center, free diy schematics and datasheets

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MSI has mATX X58M in the works

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Not to be outdone by DFI and Asus, MSI has also got a mATX X58 in the works - click for a picture inside!

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Harman, Mercedes working on modular built-in nav systems

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Anyones whos bought a car with a built-in nav system knows the pain of seeing their expensive accessory totally eclipsed by even the cheapest external GPS units just a year or two later -- everything from UI to multimedia integration progresses so fast its almost not worth it.

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Logbook of The World Updates

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Log of The WorldComplaining, apparently, helps.

After several ARRL directors complained about Log of The World issues, some work got done. Here are the improvements to the Log of The World web site and program:

1. An LoTW user’s corner with quick links to log onto your account, save or renew a certificate and address PC failure.

2. The GET STARTED section has been simplified with links for each of the four steps in the certificate process.

3. LoTW instructions are available in nine foreign languages. These links have always been available but now we have moved them up front to the GET STARTED page.  The languages are identified with icons of flags the nation for each language.

4. The GET STARTED (PDF) file has been updated to include new screen shots and refinement of some of the processes.

5. The software download section now consists of only three icons representing the three operating systems for which software is available. (Windows, Mac, Linux)  The user simply selects their operating system and they are redirected to the download only for their system.

6. A new link has been added for QSL Manager, Club Calls and DXpeditions. This link gives details on establishing account for these special operations and includes a section for 1×1 call signs.

7. A new PowerPoint overview is now available from the LoTW site. This PowerPoint has also been added to our multimedia library. The program is an overview of LoTW and what users can expect from the service.  There are screen shots to explain what the people are viewing and a condensed version of the certificate process as well as the award application process.

Through the efforts of Dave Patton and Jon Bloom, we have also added an automated results table on the Logbook Users Home Page that lists members who have achieved the Triple Play Award in numeric order.

The ARRL is committed to improving the hobby through technology. One of the ways to do so is improve the experience for existing hams. These improvements help that experience.

Hat tip: Dick, W9GIG, the Director for the Central Division posting in the Society of Midwest Contesters e-mail reflector.

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Internet Enabled Robot Penguin Wants To Be Your Friend

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This little penguin, called MyDeskFriend, is sort of like the robotic love child of a Furby and a Nabaztag (just picture that). Its designed to wander around your desk, responding to simple voice commands and using IR sensors to follow your finger and edge sensors to keep itself from committing suicide.

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Urban Screens Turns Building into Giant Pinball Machine

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http://www. vimeo. com/2981936 Over the summer, Urban Screens took the side of the Galerie Der Gegenwart and turned it into a digital projection masterpiece.

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AUVSI: HALO MAV Designed To Be Affordable For You, Expendable For Military

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Most of the UAVs we saw at AUVSI last week were expensive. Really expensive. Like, if you have to ask, dont ask. This sucks, because UAVs arent just useful for people with a defense budget Theres a sizable civilian market as well, for everything from security to aerial photography to flying around and freaking people out with a little round robot.

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Pentaxs 30 megapixel 645 Digital on track for 2010 release

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Got an itch that only a 30 megapixel shooter can scratch? Not really kosher on anything offered up by Hassleblad? For those odd, eccentric souls who somehow managed to answer yes to both of those inquiries, youll be elated to know that Pentaxs long awaited 645 Digital is on track to be released next year.

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ST2DZ air mobile

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Ian, G3ZHI reports that Diya ST2DZ had the opportunity to work air mobile during a recent flight from Khartoum to Dafur

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D-Tools adds SI Screens To Manufacturer Vantage Point Program

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D-Tools Inc is the worldwide leader in systems integration software. Today, the company announced that SI Screens will be joining the D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point Program.

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Win $1,500 in this month's Gigabyte comp

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The second round of the Beat Me If You Dare overclocking competition is upon us.

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GPS navigation system on Nintendo DS

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Sony PSP GPS navigation system has been around for a while but a GPS navigation system for Nintendo DS is new to us. Fab Chain of China has just come out with a product called Ranger that does just that: GPS navigation for NDS.

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Shattered Horizon Review

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From rumour to fruition, Futuremark Game Studio's debut release is here. Shattered Horizon is a team-based multi-player FPS. All combat takes place above the Earth's atmosphere in zero-gravity conditions, an environment that takes a little getting used to.

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Panasonic announces world first demonstration of a single chip GaN-based inverter IC for motor drive

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Panasonic today announced the development of a Gallium Nitride (GaN) -based monolithic inverter integrated circuit (IC) for motor drive. The integrated six GaN-based transistors can be independently driven in a single chip, which enables successful motor drive with high efficiency.

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Stardock slams Games For Windows Live

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Stardock boss Brad Wardell has slammed Microsoft's GFWL system.

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Red Xbox 360 mentioned in PR, is probably real

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So it looks like that red Xbox 360 Elite that we heard might be on its way is, in fact, on its way. A press release for Halo Wars in New Zealand makes mention of the phantom console -- the deal is that anyone buying a new Xbox 360 will get a free copy of the game, but the fine print excludes the doesnt-yet-exist red model, because its exclusive to EB Games.

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First Look: SilverStone Raven RV01

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First seen at Computex 2008, the new SilverStone Raven RV01 has arrived in the bit-tech labs. With its mobo tray rotated 90 degrees, the Raven points your graphics cards upwards and uses the laws of thermodynamics to keep them cool. We take a first look at what might be the future of case design.

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AT&T A-List Feature, Fave 5 Rip-Off?

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It appears that AT&T is about to take a page out of T-Mobile and Verizons books. Both carriers have offered similar bonuses (myFaves for T-Mo, Friends & Family for VZW) that give users free calling to 5 numbers of their choosing.

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New Q and A Website for Ham Radio:

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I am excited to announce the launch of ask.elmershack.com. This web site is a new question and answer site exclusively devoted to ham radio. Right now it is still in the early stages and needs some more questions and answers from the community of hams in order to become a useful site for everyone. Please visit and join in!

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Xperia X10 Hands-On Shows Why We Have To Wait Until 2010

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Sony Ericsson unveiled today their first Android phone with the Xperia X10 formerly known as Xperia X3. The Xperia X10 looks like a great Android smartphone with a cool UI dubbed UX, powered by the 1Ghz Snap Dragon CPU and a big 4-inch screen.

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Samsung 1.5TB EcoGreen F2EG hard disk consumes 45% less power

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Samsung today announced its new EcoGreen F2EG hard disk that delivers a massive 1. 5TB of capacity with 500GB per disk. With increased recording density and reduced number of disks, the Samsung EcoGreen F2 drive is more power efficient by supporting a capacity up to 1.

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The Dishwasher coming to XBLA this week

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The Dishwasher, the Xbox 360 game from bit-tech columnist James Silva, will finally be released this Wednesday.

Read more: bit-tech.net Feed

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