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Welcome to Ham Radio Data Center, free diy schematics and datasheets

73s.eu - The Free Ham Radio Social Network

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CQ CQ CQ - Get Connected! - 73s.eu

Connect and expand your network
View profiles and add new friends
Share your photos and videos
Create your own group or join others
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Apple iPad Tablet Oficially Announced

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Apple has just officially unveiled the iPad, the companys long awaited tablet device. Stay tuned for updates. .

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I-O Data Offers a Huge Discount On Their NAS

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The HDL-GT4. 0, a 4TB NAS, is now 70,000 Yen cheaper. Since overall HDD prices are dropping like crazy, I-O DATA has revised their NAS prices and you can get a 4TB HDL-GT4.

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Yahoo CEO accused of dumping shares

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Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been lambasted by the company's investors after filings showed she has sold $2 million of stock options since joining the company.

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Adult movies coming to PS3?

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Adult film makers are eager to get HD content available for download on the PlayStation 3, apparently.

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D-Day 65th anniversary

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In commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landing in Normandy at Ranville on June 06 1944, members of the South Flanders DX Activity Group will be active as F/ON6JUN/P from 03/06 till 08/06 nearby the Pegasus Bridge memorial museum

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Zeemote V3 Bluetooth Game Controller Unveiled For Mobile Phones

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Zeemote unveiled the new Zeemote V3 Bluetooth Controller for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The Zeemote V3 is compatible with virtually all Sony Ericsson Handsets including the new Entertainment Unlimited Series of Yari, Aino and Satio and eco-friendly Naite.

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Bluedot 19mm Flat Speaker

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The BSP-S20K is Bluedots latest 19mm flat speaker with a 2Wx2ch only output. It has a total size of 125x155x19mm and can be powered up to 5hrs on regular batteries.

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Transcend MP330- Digital Music Player with FLAC support

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Transcends MP330 is a versatile digital music player with support for newer file formats such as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) as well as MP3, WMA, WAV, and even WMA-DRM10 protected music files.

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Olympus Voice Recorder PJ-10 does it all !

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Well almost, but anyway, Olympus latest voice recorder a. k. a PJ-10, sold in Japan nest January at around 20 000 Yen, is your average 2GB voice recorder (MP3 and WMA) offering in WMA up to 135h of voice recording in mono at 32kbps, as well as featuring a nice little Radio mode that will not only let you listen to radio but also to record it.

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Valve: Steam is making us rich

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Valve's Gabe Newell has given a keynote speech at DICE, which has given some interesting figures on how successful Steam really is.

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Norwegian Amateurs Receive New Privileges

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As of November 6, radio amateurs in Norway were granted privileges on three new bands, as well as primary status on the extended 40 meter band and a frequency extension on 12 meters. According to IARU Vice President Ole Garpestad, LA2RR, Norwegian amateurs received new secondary user privileges on 60 meters (5.260-5.410 MHz), the 600 meter band (493-510 kHz) and in five blocks in the 4 meter (70 MHz) band. Amateur Radio operators in Norway will also enjoy upgraded privileges on 40 meters, moving from secondary to primary users between 7.100-7.200 MHz and 1000 W output. Privileges on 12 meters now range from 24.740-24.890 MHz. Garpestad said that “minor adjustments” were also made in the SHF (3-30 GHz) and EHF (30-300 GHz) portions of the band. “Congratulations to our Norwegian colleagues,” said ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ. “The new domestic allocations in Norway are consistent with the present and future spectrum requirements for the Amateur Service as determined by the IARU Administrative Council. We hope that other administrations will consider taking similar steps.”

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Nvidia posts $201.3 million loss

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Nvidia posts a loss for the first quarter of fiscal 2010, but says that GPGPU computing and Tegra will help to see Nvidia through the future.

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Contest-free frequencies for JOTA

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The 52nd Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) will take place on October 17-18, 2009. The German WAG contest has also been arranged for this weekend but fortunately the organisers have agreed contest-free frequencies

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Sharp to launch the first solar-powered mobile phone for the overseas market

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Sharp will commercialize a mobile phone equipped with a solar cell module for the Chinese market from this February. Sharp SH6230C will be the first solar-powered mobile phone by Sharp for the overseas markets.

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Ham Radio has the UltraDX Web Site

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Ultra DX is a web site for ham radio that offers a wide range of services to the DXer or Contester. Set up in 2008 (I think), the site is still evolving.

Here is a review of the major components of the site.

UltraDX Community

UltraDX, like most sites, wants to build a community around the site for traffic and common interests. The Community tab offers articles submitted by users of the site, blogs (although the last entry was from 2008), call sign search, chat rooms, classifieds, forums, links, news, opinion polls…and more.

The fun part of this is the range of services for the community offered. The big disadvantage is that there is a lack of focus for a community (a problem with many sites, including this one - what do you want the site to be when it grows up?).

UltraDX DX Info

The DX Info tab offers a link to the DX Cluster, but no web access to spots. Plus, the DX Rentals gives you a good selection of DX locations where the stations are set up for you ready to go. There is a listing of DXpeditions with links from NG3K, including the source for the information.

Finally, this tab offers a DX Prefix and Zone List that is current as of February, 2008. This is a listing of countries, continents, ITU and CQ zones for each DX entity, not a prefix to country list.

UltraDX Contesting

The Contesting tab offers a contesting calendar done in a traditional monthly view. The contest calendar “has a unique feature that permits amateurs to export events as a Desktop Event to programs such as Outlook or Outlok Express. This sets a reminder on your local computer so you won’t forget a contest.”

There is also a feed from the RadioSport.net site by Jamie Dupree, NS3T, which I have noted here on this site.

The Contest Rentals option that matches the DX rentals area from the previous tab.

UltraDX Services tab

The site offers to host your ham radio blog for free and, if a business site, for a significant discount to the published hosting plans from a specific company.

As well, a Voice over IP service will be offered to ham radio operators in the September, 2009, time frame. I’ll pass on commentary on this one until the service is available.

Finally, e-mail services are offered to members using a yourcall @ ultradx.com format.


UltraDX offers some good services for the ham community. As with most ham sites, there is a lot under construction as we do this work in our “spare” time.

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MSI Click BIOS - Evaluating UEFI

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UEFI finally makes it to the mainstream with MSI's new "Click BIOS". We dive into the MSI P45D3 Platinum motherobard kitted with this latest flashy interface to see if it's been worth waiting for.

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Sanyo Announces PLC-XF1000 Projector

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Sanyo is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors. Today, the company announced their latest development, the PLC-XF1000.

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Lian Li Tyr PC-X1000 Case Review

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The PC-X1000 is the latest high end chassis from Lian Li, competing at the very top end of the market with an array of desirable features such as all aluminium construction, variable speed fans and a modular design. Does it live up to its premium billing? We find out.

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Major storage vendors agree to disk encryption standards

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Weve seen quite a few hardware-encrypted disks hit the scene lately, but to be honest, weve always thought they were a risky investment, since all the systems were proprietary -- we wouldnt want to store our encryption-worthy data on a disk that cant be read at all in a few years, after all.

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NCVEC Releases Second Technician Question Pool

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In January, the Question Pool Committee (QPC) of the National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVECreleased the 2010 Technician (Element 2) Question Pool. Upon further review of the pool, members of the QPC found and corrected more than 50 minor typographical errors and clarified the questions and answers, making them easier to understand. These adopted changes are now incorporated in a revised question pool. The errata list, as well as the revised Technician question pool, is available on the NCVEC Web site. The previously released pool dated January 4, 2010 is invalid for use. The newly revised Technician question pool will become effective for all examinations administered on or after July 1, 2010; it will remain valid until June 30, 2014. The current Technician question pool that became effective July 1, 2006 will expire June 30, 2010. The new Technician pool contains approximately 400 questions, from which 35 are selected for an Element 2 examination; it will contain graphics and diagrams, something new for this element. The current General class question pool was effective July 1, 2007 and is valid through June 30, 2011. The current Amateur Extra class pool was effective July 1, 2008 and is valid until June 30, 2012.

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Ham Radio is Amazing -- Check it Out at Field Day:

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Conifer-Bailey area "hams" from the 285 TechConnect Radio Club will join thousands of Amateur Radio operators in showing off their emergency capabilities the weekend of June 27-28 (noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday) at 27107 Richmond Hill Rd, Conifer, CO80433. Check out our website http://www.na0tc.org. You too can be a ham radio operator! Over the past year, the news has been full of reports of ham radio operators providing critical communications during unexpected emergencies in towns across America including the California wildfires, winter storms, tornadoes and other events worldwide. During Hurricane Katrina, Amateur Radio - often called "Ham Radio" - was often the ONLY way people could communicate, and hundreds of volunteer "hams" traveled south to save lives and property. When trouble is brewing, Amateur Radio's people are often the first to provide rescuers with critical information and communications.

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