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Sony Ericsson confirms C905 coming to the US in second quarter

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In a pretty frank interview with Reuters, Sony Ericssons head of marketing for North America revealed that it intends to be really focused with the C905 in the US starting next quarter, saying that itll likely launch for somewhere between $199 and $249 on contract and be relevant to consumers in the second half.

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Samsung Releases P410M Projector Worldwide

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You may have heard about Samsung releasing their P410M projector in Korea last month. Today, the company has announced that the P410M is now available worldwide for the retail price of only $599.

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Philips 56-inch Cinema 21:9 HDTV: not for Americans

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Oh, bollocks! If one particular spokesman who opened up to ZDnet today is accurate, Philips totally sweet 56-inch Cinema 21:9 HDTV wont ever be sold on American soil.

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T-Mobile webConnect available today, carriers first 3G modem

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T-Mobile and 3G modem arent two things you frequently heard uttered in the same sentence -- but now that the number four carriers got a budding HSPA network thats all dressed up with no place to go, its time to start rolling out some serious hardware (G1 aside) to take advantage.

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AC0MX Wins Science Fair Award for Emergency Communications Propagation:

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A Kennett High School (KHS) freshman recently won second place in engineering at the 53rd Annual Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair, in addition to with other honors. In her first year of competing in the science fair at the senior level, Jill Niemeier, daughter of Donna Gill and Mark Niemeier, entered the third part in her continuing project "Emergency Communications," winning not only second place in engineering, but the Cape Girardeau Area Engineers Club Award, a U.S. Savings Bond, and a U.S. Army Award. Her first two entries at the junior level received several awards and acclamations as well. Her newest project, "Emergency Communications Propagation," is a micro-propagation study of the two-meter amateur radio band specific to emergency communications in a public school setting. The project focuses on helping the different campuses in the Kennett School District (KSD) communicate with each other during a disaster. Niemeier is in the process of setting up five low-power radio cases for the five campuses in the district. A Health Services representative at each location will be trained and licensed to use the radios. Each case will be equipped with a radio, a police scanner, a pack of AA batteries, and several adapters allowing the radio to draw power from vehicle batteries. To go along with the radio aspect of the project, Niemeier gathered GPS data for every entry into every building on each campus. The GPS data will be useful in the event that the buildings are on the ground.

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[Review] OpenBlock S600, a powerful server in the palm of your hand

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Developed, built and sold by PlatHome, Japanese leader in Linux Servers since 1993, our almighty OpenBlockS600 is their latest ultra compact yet powerful server made for everything Linux Server.

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Central NY Ham/Teacher May Go to Space:

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Jim Kuhl (N2STK) is smitten with the notion of space, and his sixth-grade earth science students at Central Square Middle School are better for it. As an educator, Kuhl brings his passion for both space and amateur radio to the classroom to provide unique lessons. As the radio club adviser, Kuhl stewards the district's amateur radio club, which has an impressive setup that he helped secure through an American Radio Relay League "Big Project" grant (www.arrl.org/FandES/tbp). He frequently facilitates radio communication between students and astronauts on the International Space Station and other space vehicles.

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Meizu M8 iPhone Clone Available at Geek IT Stores December

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Thanks to Geek IT, the Meizu M8 will finally be sold around December. Geek IT, apparently, has retail outlets in India and that is where the Meizu M8 is going after its China launch.

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Modistech unveils flexible, ultrathin OLED light in Korea

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We just heard that the OLED market was set to skyrocket in 2011, but dont tell Modistech. Said outfit has just revealed its own flexible, ultrathin OLED light module in South Korea, which honestly looks eerily similar to Samsungs flapping OLED panels from last fall.

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Dell Vostro A90 Business Netbook Now in US

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Dells Vostro A90, an 8. 9-inch netbook for business users, is now available in the US. The 2. 4-pound Vostro A90 is a rebadged Inspiron Mini 9 and features the Intel Atom N270 1.

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Ham Radio Clubs Need After Action Reviews

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Ham radio is a hobby, of course. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from others in making ham radio better. In this particular case, ham radio clubs have a series of activities they do with their members. Whether this activity is Field Day, providing public service communications to the community or providing storm spotting support, these activities show the ham radio hobby to others.

After the events, we talk about them, of course. Most clubs will spend a good deal of time talking about Field Day at their next club meeting, for example. Often, however, the information is anecdotal and not recorded. And our opportunity for improvement is lost. Why is it important to do an after action review?

Ham radio needs effective support to government agencies

Many clubs support Emergency Operations of their local governments. By providing an alternative communications channel, especially for health and welfare communications, ham radio provides a significant service. Yet, poorly run activities that never yield improvements hurt our perception and rightly so.

Ham radio needs effective public relations

When we go out in the community and provide communications support for parades, runs, walks and other public activities, we are placing the reputation of the hobby on the line. The people in these events are our neighbors — the very people we need supporting us for antenna placement, tower approvals and other support for our hobby. Doing a poor job in these activities hurts our reputation with the very people we need to help us.

Ham radio needs effective After Action Reviews

Let’s borrow an effective technique from the Army called the After Action Review. A formal process used after every patrol and mission, the After Action Review is used to improve what is done in the field and is a major reason for the effectiveness of the Army today. There are four questions to ask after the event. The answers are recorded and then the improvement suggestions are integrated into the next event. The questions are:

  1. What was expected to happen? We had goals for the event; a review of the goals.
  2. What actually occurred? We planned it one way and had certain goals; did the event go according to plan?
  3. What went well and why? We need to maximize what went well for the next time.
  4. What needs improvement and how? One can’t criticize alone; we need to explain how something can improve the next time and figure out how to build that into the plan for next time. Also note this is not “went wrong.” Wrong implies blame. But stuff always goes “wrong” in an event so the issue is focusing on improvement.

Using this more formal review technique after ham radio club events will go a long way to focusing the members on improvements without going the blame route. And building in the review and the improvements for next time help our cause with the people we need to support our hobby.

How has your club improved its activities through a review process?

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Amateurs Provide Communications Support During Gas Leak

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On Friday, July 23 at 2 PM, Sacramento City CERT activated Sacramento City Fire CERT and Sacramento County ARES® for a large natural gas leak in South Sacramento. According to ARRL Sacramento Valley Section DEC and CERT Communications Manager Frank Reshke, N6SNO, a two block area was evacuated due to the leak. “Around 30 people came to a shelter that had been set up at a local church,” he said. “This is where the CERT and ARES amateurs established a communications network with the Unified Command of Sacramento City Fire and Police and the Red Cross.” Reshke said the incident lasted for four hours: “At 6:05 PM, the Unified Command allowed the evacuees back into the neighborhood.” -- Information provided by Frank Reshke, N6SNO

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Cooler Master Scout

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Cooler Master is back with its latest case, the Scout. With unusual features like an in-built reinforced carry handle and peripheral security, it's built for LAN parties, but is it a quality case into the bargain? We find out.

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Play.com planning digital distribution service

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Play.com, one of the UK's largest online games retailers, is planning to launch a game download service.

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Ham Radio Enthusiasts Take the Call:

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In an era where cell phones and text messages prevail as a means of communication, it was the hands-on approach of using Morse code and bouncing radio waves to other ham operators that captured the attention of Chuck Minton. "I was probably in seventh grade when I came across an old amateur radio hand book that was falling apart," said the Meadow Vista handyman. "It was very interesting and opened up a whole new area of science for me. "By the middle of high school I had found a small radio receiver from the 1950s and would listen to the amateur channel," he continued. "At the time you had to learn Morse code and be able to read and type out 13 words a minute to get a license. I thought there was no way I could ever do that." Discouraged and overwhelmed, Minton said he put his dream of operating a ham radio on the shelf. When he learned the requirements were dropping to five words a minute in 2000, Minton realized he could achieve his lifelong goal of being a certified radio operator. "I spent a whole year studying 20 minutes a night to learn Morse code before I did any of the book work," he explained. "Computer programs made the task easier. Eventually I took the test and passed with flying colors." Since then, the code requirements have been eliminated, which opens the door for more people to become radio operators. With the change, Minton is hopeful a younger generation will take an interest in learning the skill. "Many of the clubs members are 60 years or older, but there is a need to find younger operators who we can pass the baton to," said Colfax resident Rick Prime, who not only teaches classes to radio enthusiasts, but has also constructed radio towers. Radio operators are also called upon to assist during emergency situations, Minton pointed out.

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Motorola with big touchscreen emerges, doesnt disgust

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Whats this, a high-end slate from Motorola that we can all cautiously get behind? Hard as it may be to believe, it seems that Moto might be working on some serious hardware to compete with.

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Sony and BEAMS joining forces to pimp your Vaio X

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BEAMS, a Fashion Japanese company which happen to be husband and boyfriend wallet nemesis, announced this morning joining Sony in order to propose 2 new pouch or carrying bag for Sony latest wallet Killer the Vaio X.

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Digital Projection Announces Adoption of VIDI Technology

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Digital Projection is announcing today that all of their single chip projectors are being upgraded with VIDI technology. Over 35 projectors within the iVision 20, iVision 30, and dVision series will be upgraded.

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MaruBot Football Table Brings Foosball Into The 20th Century

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For those of us who dont have our own robot soccer team, or for those of us who totally suck at foosball, MaruBot takes the classic game and replaces those stupid little men on their stupid little rods that are impossible to control with ROBOTS that go where you tell them to and arent restricted to one dimension of movement.

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Russell Wemmer 94, W0MXJ (SK):

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In 1941, just two months after getting his ham license, Russell decided to spend the day roaming the low hills around Sedan Kansas hunting rabbits. The weather was pleasant for December but apparently too cold for the small game there about. Getting home before dark, he fired up the transmitter and sent out “CQ”. He got an immediate response, “Get off the air”. He listened for awhile but there was no one on any of the bands. Giving up hope of making a contact, he turned to the commercial band to hear that Pearl Harbor had been attacked and the country was at war. Russell would not get to use his ham license until after the end of WWII.

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Acers 18-inch eMachines EZ1600, 24-inch multitouch Aspire Z5600 all-in-ones unveiled

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Some more tidbits from the Acer event: new all-in-ones. The eMachines EZ1600 (pictured) boasts a 18. 5-inch 16:9 screen and up to 720p resolution, an Intel Atom N270 processor with 945GSE chipset, 2 slots of SO DIMM memory, up to 160GB HDD, DVD-RW, Wi-Fi and a card reader.

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