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Barco Provides Projectors for The New Joint

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Barco announced today that the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas recently installed an extensive array of High End Systems lighting and control products in the new $60 million entertainment venue called The New Joint.

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Crackulous released, promises to bust iPhone app protection scheme

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If Apples sat back and let the iPhone hacking community do its thing in peace (well, relative peace) so far, this little gem just might be what the doctor ordered to stir up the crap.

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Touch Pro2: Confirmed For Verizon, Sept 11

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I love it when a rumor gets validated. Verizon Wireless has put out a press release (Posted on Gizmodo) confirming the launch of the HTC Touch Pro2 on their network.

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Ultimate Game Chair Free Play Review

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We take a look at the Free Play from Ultimate Game Chair, which attempts to make gaming better than ever but without breaking the bank. Has cutting the cost resulted in a dip in quality though, or is the Free Play really the ultimate gaming chair? We find out.

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Ham Radio and iPhone – HamSat Satellite Tracking

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I’ve been surprised that there have not been better ham radio applications for the iPhone. I’ve had some correspondence with a couple of software developers on how they have been working ham radio applications for the iPhone. This is the first one, called HamSat, is offered up by VosWorx.

From the iPhone application store write-up:

HamSat is a visualization/utility application that allows you to see the location of amateur radio satellites tracked by NORAD in real time over the Earth (up to two satellites may be tracked simultaneously).

You can see the Earth rendered either as a 3D globe or a 2D map using photo realistic texture maps for the Earth model. The orientation of the map is easily changed by a simple rotation of the device from portrait (3D) to landscape (2D). In either orientation you can zoom in and out as well as pan using the touch screen. Controls are given to allow you to select: the texture maps used, whether shading is performed, whether to draw political boundaries and if a latitude/longitude grid should be presented.

In addition, the application can calculate the rise/set times for a selected satellite, the Sun or the Moon given either the user entered or network retrieved location.

OK…this is cool. Self-contained – so you don’t need to be connected to a network on your iPhone while you are out camping and looking for satellites. Tracking two satellites…nice.

You think it might work on that small screen? Well, here is a two-dimensional view of satellites and their locations:


Or the really cool 3-D view of the tracking:

HamSat 3-D Image

HamSat 3-D Image

Outside of the cool graphics, there is the mundane information we need to actually hit the satellite with our radio signals. Here is what the rise and set times are for a satellite along with Azimuth and Elevation calculations:

HamSat Satellite Sunrise Sunset Information

HamSat Satellite Sunrise Sunset Information

All of this, of course, uses the standard iPhone interface to set up the satellites you want to track, your location, and when particular satellites will do your personal flyover.

I have not done any satellite work, though I have considered it in some antenna unfriendly neighborhoods. I’d love to hear some reviews on this application as it looks well written and helpful for our ham radio hobby.

h/t Craig, W0VOS

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Universal movies coming to Xbox 360

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Microsoft has confirmed that it has signed a deal with Universal Studios to bring a wealth of new downloadable movies to the Xbox 360.

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ST2DZ air mobile

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Ian, G3ZHI reports that Diya ST2DZ had the opportunity to work air mobile during a recent flight from Khartoum to Dafur

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Nanopoint Icy Box Competition

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Nanopoint recently opened a support forum here on bit-tech. What better way to celebrate than by teaming up to offer one of our lucky readers a fantastic prize!

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ARRL CEO, General Counsel Present ARRL's Stance on BPL to FCC Commissioners

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ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ, and General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, made the rounds of the five FCC Commissioners' offices during November to acquaint them with the ARRL's position on the regulation of interference from Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) systems. The meetings were conducted in accordance with the rules governing ex parte communications in pending rulemaking proceedings, in this case the Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making (FNPRM) in ET Docket No. 04-37.

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navigon leaves GPS navigation market in North America

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Navigon is giving up PND business in North America. Theyll keep an office open in Chicago to complete their automotive and mobile phone business obligations.

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New Intel Atom N450, D410 And D510 CPUs Are Official

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Intel announced today the new N450 Intel Atom CPU for netbooks. The word about the new Intel Atom N450 CPU is already out and netbook vendors will launch the first N450 Netbooks in January.

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Demigod has more pirates than customers

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According to statistics offered up by Stardock, Demigod has had five times more pirates than actual players in the US.

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So, I built my new gaming machine last night

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I've been wanting to build my new PC for some time now because I've been having my fair share of issues over the past few months, but it's not as new as many of you would expect. I've been running a quad-core processor since 2006 and I haven't felt the need to upgrade it yet, even though Intel has now released its true successor, Core i7.

I'm still running a QX6700 and this is the third system upgrade the same processor has gone through. I guess it's a testament for how forward looking Intel's quad-core processors were - performance enhancements came with the 45nm Penryn core and then there's even more performance available with a Core i7, but I'm more than happy with how much performance there is on tap with my QX6700.

So, I built my new gaming machine last night So I built my new PC last night

I've merely upgraded some parts of my system that were either on their last legs or just getting a bit long in the tooth.

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A bit of surgery gives the HP Mini 1000 new sight

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HPs Mini 1000 might get all the ladies, but the netbook is not without its flaws. Apparently in the manufacturing process somebody forgot to remove the protective film from the webcam lens, giving thousands of netbooks incredibly impaired vision of their handsome owners.

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'Hams' Keep Handcart Parade Rolling:

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BOUNTIFUL -- Lots of hands and cool heads make for a successful Handcart Days Parade. Among the hundreds of volunteers who will make it look like a smooth, easy operation this year are 47 amateur radio or "ham" operators. They'll be there at the Five Points Roundabout on 1500 South mid-afternoon, July 23, lining floats and entries up, making sure each group is properly situated to make the parade stroll up Main Street to Bountiful City Park. And they'll be doing a lot more than that, says Gary Johnson, who is in his ninth year coordinating much of the behind-the-scenes magic that makes the parade run. Preparations started in March for this year's ham operators' involvement, which is multi-faceted. At the parade staging area, ham operators print maps determining where various entries should be placed. Entries start arriving at the staging area several hours before the parade's start. Ham operators call out every entry before the parade, to determine who might not have shown up, or is late.

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Epson Expands ImageWay Partner Program

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Epson is the leading provider of an extensive range of printers, 3LCD projectors, scanners and point-of-service printers that are renowned for their high quality, functionality, innovation and energy efficiency.

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Mentor-branded 5-inch e-reader surfaces alongside PocketBook collection

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Ah, the lovely world of rebadged e-readers. If youll recall, we saw a nice trio of Astak Mentor e-book readers way back in May of last year, and now were seeing a smaller, more curvaceous version pictured alongside those very devices.

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Colin McRae: Dirt 2 Review

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Despite his tragic death two years ago, Codemasters is continuing with the Colin McRae series with Dirt 2. Boasting a varied array of events and with the game's emphasis moving away from pure rallying, does it still have a place along side the competition? We find out.

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Anti-Antenna Crowd in Portland:

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Portland Oregon City Officials have to deal with the rants of a local HOA. In the PDF in the link below they raise numerous issues. To add to the incredible gall of these people they were complaining about interference to consumer electronics when the pole mounted equipment had not even been powered up by the carriers.

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Official: iRiver E200 PMP

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What we didnt know is that the iRiver E200 is slightly curved at the back, not as boxy as the E100. The 2. 8-inch no-nonsense PMP will come in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions and will play FLAC, RMVB and Xvid, among other files.

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Samsung new 1.5TB Data backup solution, the Samsung STORY Station

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Here you are a new 1. 5TB USB 2 external HDD enclosure fitted in a nicely design case, the Samsung STORY Station. If I have to admit that I am in loved with this external HDD the lack of either eSATA or FireWire800 render this USB2.

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