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Motherboard PCB Bracelet

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This bracelet is for the geeks of the leet\'est and also for looking funky. You will need 1 Computer motherboard and some telephone wire and thick copper wire (size of the earth wire for house wiring)

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Weird: Windows XP Netbooks Still Outsell Windows 7 Netbooks

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For short time the HP Mini 110 Windows 7 netbook lead the Amazon Netbook sales charts last week. Now the first three places are taken up by Windows XP netbooks again.

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Creative Releases ZEN X-Fi2 Demo

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It wasnt great when Engadget shot a short demo of the ZEN X-Fi2. The UI was laggy and gave the user such a horrible experience it was necessary to give it a take two.

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D.I.Y. motion-controlled MP3 player doesnt need your fancy touch screen

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Our anonymous engineer friend over in Ageo, Japan sure loves to make him some gadgets -- among his many projects hes already built a couple other MP3 players, and now hes back with a tiny, motion controlled device that plays tunes from an SD card.

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Microsoft Surface Used to Demo the Ultimate Nerd Game

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http://www. vimeo. com/7132858 The Microsoft Surface was the companys first attempt at creating an interactive touch-screen table that can be used by multiple people simultaneously.

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HP Pavilion dv2-1030ea 12in Ultra Portable

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HP's Pavilion dv2-1030ea is based on AMD's Yukon platform, which launched back at CES in January. We check it out to see if it can fill the gap between a cheap and cheerful netbook and highly desirable but equally expensive ultraportable notebook.

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FCC Denies Petition to Increase Size of Amateur Radio Question Pools:

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In April 2008, Michael Mancuso, KI4NGN, of Raleigh, North Carolina, filed a petition with the FCC, seeking to increase the size of the question pools that make up the Amateur Radio licensing exams.

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AX:GS - Future Features for RoG and Asus

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The curtain has dropped, the house lights are back on, and it’s now time to unwind and enjoy while tinkering with your hardware prizes over Christmas. Yes, the tech idea showcase that was the Asus Xtreme General Summit blogging marathon has finally been brought to a close.

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Hitachi Releases CP-X3010N Projector

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Hitachi is proud to announce the release of their latest data projector, the CP-X3010N. This model is an improved version of the CP-X2010N that was also released this year.

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MSI Unveils Intel Core i7-Based GT640 Gaming Laptop

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Micro-Star Intl announced today the Core i7-based MSI GT640 15. 4-inch laptop for gamers. Along with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, the GT640 features the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M 1GB dedicated video card, up to 4GB of DDR3 memory, up to 500GB of hard drive storage, and a built-in DVD burner or Blu-ray drive.

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Legislation Introduced in US Senate to Inventory Radio Spectrum:

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Two US Senators -- Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts and Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine -- have introduced a bill in the Senate that would mandate an inventory of radio spectrum bands managed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Federal Communications Commission. The inventory would include those frequencies between 300 MHz-3.5 GHz managed by the two agencies.

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Buzz Lightyear Robot Toy Features Limited Motion Capture

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If youve been to see Pixars Up, you probably noticed that the next Pixar movie (due out on 2010) is Toy Story 3. Even though its a year away, apparently Disney (I assume its Disney) has unleashed the merchandising hounds and theyve already come up with this Buzz Lightyear robot toy.

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Acer confirms plans for Linux, SSD-equipped 10-inch Aspire One netbooks

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It wasnt making any promises on launch day, but Acer has reportedly now confirmed that it will indeed be offering both Linux and SSD options on its new 10-inch Aspire One netbook, though you wont be able to get either option right out of the gate.

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Ham Radio and ARRL Legislative Objectives

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Ham radio is a small service when it comes to legislative priorities. While we might like to think our legislation is as important as a stimulus package for the economy, the truth of the matter is that we don’t count for much in the legislative priority process in the states and Washington.

In other words, our legislative priorities need to adequately speak to the legislative needs of the hobby.

Just published in QST, the ARRL Board of Directors approved the following legislative and regulatory objectives. The first on the list:

  1. The ARRL seeks legislation to extend the requirement for “reasonable accommodation” of Amateur Radio station antennas to all forms of land use regulation.

I translate that one to CC&R restrictions in subdivisions. There are many threats to the long-term health of ham radio, but covenants rank up there as the highest one for me. Ham radio operators always have that additional requirement for where they live – can I put up an antenna? Or five? Without antennas, we can’t communicate. We can’t provide emergency communications, support weather spotting efforts, handle traffic – or have much fun.

Increasingly, we are forced to use extremely modest, poorly radiating antennas to communicate. And, paradoxically, these lower antennas increase the chance of RF interference to our neighbors because we can’t get the antenna high enough to move the signal out of the way of our surrounding houses.

So I think the ARRL nailed this one on the head. We need to have legislative relief from the CC&R contracts to reasonably accommodate our antennas.

Not an easy job to do, but one necessary for the preservation and growth of our hobby.

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Joe Kane Suggest Better Way to Get a CinemaScope View at Home

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The CinemaScope view is generally the optimal way to watch movies. It provides a full screen view of the image with out any letterboxing. While there are many lenses that will allow a projector to display CinemaScope views, Joe Kane from Joe Kane Productions has a better way to display the image.

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ARNewsline Report 1649 -- March 20 2009:

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The following is a QST. Civil unrest causes a DXpedition to be cancelled in Bangladesh, a radio club loses it fight to remain in a New York City museum, a new study shows that walking and talking on a cellphone can be hazardous to your health, experts say that 5 Mhz should be a band to watch and the story of ham radio and the American Boy. Find out the details on Amateur Radio Newsline report number 1649, coming your way right now.

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Editing Memory and Multi-core Programming

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In a race dubbed 'the core wars', manufactures are stuffing more and more cores into CPUs. While more can only be a good thing, there's little point if the software they are running can't use them. Microsoft shares with us a possible piece of the puzzle to making full use of multi-core CPUs.

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Canon PIXMA iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer offers professional-looking documents in-house

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For business owners seeking an in-house solution for their overall printing needs, Canons PIXMA iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer has a wealth of advanced features to help streamline productivity.

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HTC CEO Peter Chou Talks HD2, Other Devices

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With its 4. 3? touchscreen and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, the HD2 is one of the hottest smartphones on the market. The only issue with the handset is that it runs the widely panned WinMo 6.

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Verizons Samsung Smooth is not

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Calling a bottom-of-the-line, EV-DO-less clamshell the Smooth might be reaching, but then again, we can kinda understand Verizons dilemma here -- its not like you can call it the Rough, the Disappointment, or the Crap and expect to sell too many.

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[CES2010] Were At CES!

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This week is the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and BotJunkie is here, bringing all the best robot bits of it to you live and in person.

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